A downloadable game for Windows


W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys To Move
V or Space to Shoot


After your submarine's engine malfunctions, there is no way to surface back up.
Days go by and all hope is lost until you notice a glowing light appears in the depths of the darkness.
The light shines from an underwater ravine.
You enter despite the strange noises and begin to wonder...
How far down does it go?


Hellnauts.zip 22 MB


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Really impressive art, liked the generation. A really nice looking shooter all in all.

And also had problems with super fast enemies.

Nice!, good job with the world generation and monsters art!. 

I had some problems in running the game with Vsync forced off on nvidia, monsters were super fast =P(besides the one with wings).

Thank you! Not too sure why the monsters are fast tho :(